Welcome to Remocon+! (read : Remocon plus)

This is a website I dedicated as my personal gaming diaries. Remocon+ is taken from the word “remocon” which means remote control and the plus is from the sign +, that I see as zoom. You guys get the idea.

Remocon+ will publish things about games that I’ve played (like a review, but I won’t score it. Just revealing things with spoilers, gameplay, and such), sometimes unboxing game contents. It’s necessary to be noted that I mostly play japanese games, eventhough some of them are localized. For now, I don’t think I will be opening a request because buying games use lot of money lol.

The author is kurorisa & Alex (arekkutsu, who I asked to join the bandwagon)


I’m your average teenager and gamer. I’m not qualifying myself as a super addictive gamer, but I play games. Mostly rpg genre, but I ravel other genres like puzzles, rhythm games, and such. I’m also an admin at an otome game website called Tsukihana so if you’re reading this and you’re happened to be a fangirl of otome games or seiyuu, check it out!


My name is Alex Tran and I’m from Australia. I’m an online friend of Angie a.k.a kurorisa and just to try to make the blog a bit more active again, I was offered to help out by posting as well. I’m an avid gamer, mainly JRPGs but I also play other types and online games as well.
I’ll post every now and then first impressions, and reviews of games I’ve played, as well as unboxing posts if I do decide to get a LE / CE of something…

Here’s how the blog posts will be usually categorized:

  • Review : This part is where things will be spoiled, literally. BEWARE OF SPOILERS. If you don’t want to read the story, skip it to the next part, system, or just go to the conclusion if you want to 😀 It’s like reviewing the game, but it won’t be scored. Opinions will be stated though.
  • First Impression : This is where the first part of a game, or finishing a game’s demo, will be discussed. It’ll be like a “Review” section but shorter.
  • Unboxing : The name says it all. Unboxing some games contents, either it’s limited edition or normal editions. If normal I’ll probably post photos when I got a bunch of new games instead of one by one. Tbh looking only 1 game case isn’t really interesting no?

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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