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Unboxing: Dai Gyakuten Saiban 1&2 Limited Edition


Boy it’s been a long time eh? I was gonna post Atelier Shallie Plus LE Unboxing (I already took photos) but laziness got through me and starting from February, Uni wrecked the hell out of me with its final project. But alas I’m finally done!

Dai Gyakuten Saiban has always peeked through my interest because of it is an Ace Attorney game, and the fact that it never got localized definitely missed its poor chance to be played by everyone in the West (except it did got subbed on Youtube and eventhough it’s taken down once, the vid is back). But I didn’t have 3DS back then when it first came out. Well now I do! And of course as I expected, Capcom won’t miss a chance to bundle both games into 1 package to be sold, so I thought, why not purchase this one? Coz tbh the biggest Limited Editon didn’t do much justice only with plushies and stuffs that I probably won’t use. WELL I got OST in this limited edition so that’s double the fun for me. Unto the unboxing!

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Unboxing: Persona 5 20th Anniversary Edition


After 2 months of waiting, it’s finally here! Persona 5! It’s kinda weird receiving this while west got a notifications of delay but whatever. I got my hands on the 20th Anniv Edition coz I just had to get it whatever it takes. I was planning to get the one with petit nendo from ebten but out of budget XD Anyway here it is. I bought the PS3 ver and so far it’s great.

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Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution Limited Edition Unboxing & Japan Trip Game Loots!

Long time no posting! So last month I went to Japan and of course being a gamer I am, I hogged lots of stuffs (mostly secondary games) because importing gonna costs a lot more. I’ve saved money for this trip and behold, lots of loots XD

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Mass Unboxing: Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Limited Edition, Persona 4 Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack, & Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution Limited Edition


Been a while since I’ve posted an unboxing post! Anyway, Escha & Logy Plus actually came first before the other 2 games which were in the same package. But I feel I should just post them together anyway since it’ll be weird seeing 2 post of unboxing stacked together. P4D and Sora SC Evo just came and while I still haven’t bought a new Vita, an unboxing post should do some justice.

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Unboxing : Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution

IMG_9839Another day, another unboxing. Anyway the package arrived pretty fast, one week exactly from its shipping time and it sent a notification mail to pick it up pretty quick too. So I managed to get it by the time I got home.

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Unboxing : Tales of Zestiria LalaBit Market Edition

IMG_9634This came pretty late, almost a month actually. The fact that it got bad ratings on amazon and I’m kind of spoiled already kinda ruined me to play it (I know some of the bad writings and camera issues in it) but will still play it and if possible, finish it. Actually I kinda regretted buying the LalaBit already but meh. Continue reading

Unboxing : Eiyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki II Limited Edition


The long awaited game has finally arrived! Waiting for this is a tortureeeeee. I ordered it from CDJapan this time so I got Fie cover bonus OST with 3 pages of 2015 Calendar which is only from January to March lols. Here’s the story, CDJap did a great job shipping my package a day before the release date but WAIT. The problem started after that, which is in customs. There are no news about it arriving in my country until at least a week later and even after that there’s no sign of it being delivered although the tracking status clearly said “Retention” and “Attempt to deliver” but I heard no doorbell yo.

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Unboxing : Eiyuu Densetsu Ao no Kiseki Evolution Limited Edition


Eventhough I haven’t finished ZeroEvo (still on chapter 2), I decided to get this right away. This is because I bought it directly from a local online shop which only stocked 1. Yes that’s right 1. I found it a month ago and asked the person in charge and he said they only stocked one because it’s japanese. Chances are slim because either a Falcom fan is looking for the game and people won’t buy it because it’s not english. Not to mention the price is pretty good, as in it’s cheaper than importing directly from the usual onlineshop. The last time I saw, only CDJapan still have it as it’s sold out already in HMV. I don’t wanna ever import from Play-Asia because they overpriced it. I said to the person that I wanted it but probably later on. So I finally bought it a month later (now) and behold!

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Tales of Xillia 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

20140822_081206-1 A bit late to the party, but better late than never. Tales of Xillia 2 was recently released, IN ENGLISH, which I am very excited for. A shame the so-called “Pocket Watch” is actually just a compact mirror. I don’t think I’ll have any use for it but oh well. The Ludger figure is pretty cool though.


(Ludger, the king of the Tales of figures)

It cost me $165 AU, which is around $153.70 US. While other websites had around $120 – $130 US, shipping made it just as expensive as the AU price, or just slightly cheaper but with a longer waiting time due to the difference in locations so I ordered my CE from an Australian website. Only had to wait 3 days after shipping which was a big plus for me. =)

Unboxing : BlazBlue Chronophantasma NA Limited Edition

I said NA coz normally I buy japanese games (don’t start calling me a weaboo ._.)


and you won’t even think this is actually a package of a fighting game lawl

I finally got the game! After waiting first when the jap version came out, and then the NA ver came out and I have to search everywhere to get this ): kudos to my friend who helped me to get one!

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