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Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution Limited Edition Unboxing & Japan Trip Game Loots!

Long time no posting! So last month I went to Japan and of course being a gamer I am, I hogged lots of stuffs (mostly secondary games) because importing gonna costs a lot more. I’ve saved money for this trip and behold, lots of loots XD

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Unboxing : Eiyuu Densetsu Ao no Kiseki Evolution Limited Edition


Eventhough I haven’t finished ZeroEvo (still on chapter 2), I decided to get this right away. This is because I bought it directly from a local online shop which only stocked 1. Yes that’s right 1. I found it a month ago and asked the person in charge and he said they only stocked one because it’s japanese. Chances are slim because either a Falcom fan is looking for the game and people won’t buy it because it’s not english. Not to mention the price is pretty good, as in it’s cheaper than importing directly from the usual onlineshop. The last time I saw, only CDJapan still have it as it’s sold out already in HMV. I don’t wanna ever import from Play-Asia because they overpriced it. I said to the person that I wanted it but probably later on. So I finally bought it a month later (now) and behold!

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