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Review : Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth | Cero B | Namco Bandai Games | PSVITA



Digimon Story : Cyber Sleuth is the first Digimon franchise game for PSVITA and released as a part of Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary project.


The story started in a forum chat with various avatars here and there, including the player. With Japan as the setting, technology has advanced and cyberspace pretty much took over here and there. There’s a rumor about a certain hacking program called Digital World and the avatars were talking about it. Suddenly a mascot called Nabit-kun visited them out of nowhere and threatened them that it will surprise and hack them if they visit EDEN, a cyberspace created by Kamishiro Corporation.  While some are afraid that they will got hacked, 3 people including the player decided to go and see it for themselves. From there we could choose the player, do you want it to be a girl or a boy. The set name for boy is Takumi (CV. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), while the girl is Ami (CV. Ookubo Rumi). I choose the girl and let’s just call her Ami here for the sake of this review.

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Unboxing : Tales of Zestiria LalaBit Market Edition

IMG_9634This came pretty late, almost a month actually. The fact that it got bad ratings on amazon and I’m kind of spoiled already kinda ruined me to play it (I know some of the bad writings and camera issues in it) but will still play it and if possible, finish it. Actually I kinda regretted buying the LalaBit already but meh. Continue reading

Review : Tales of Hearts R

Tales of Hearts R | Cero B | Namco Bandai Games | PSVITA



Tales of Hearts R is the “re-imagination” of Tales 11th mothership titles, ported to PSVITA. The original is for Nintendo DS. By re-imagination, there are some parts changed and enhanced including CG, anime cutscenes, cut in images, and of course battle system.

A short introduction, in ToH-R world (which name I don’t think has ever been mentioned in the ENTIRE game), there are monsters named Zerom that could eat people’s hearts or in the game called as Spiria. Therefore, special weapons called Soma, were built to destroy Zerom. Zerom usually invades people’s hearts and it’s called as “desvil sickness” Soma users could Spir-link (going into people’s hearts) and go to their Spir-Maze. Usually deep inside their spir-maze, soma users will find the true heart of the owner and destroy the zerom from inside.

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Unboxing: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition


Hi peoplez. My name is Alex Tran and I’m from Australia. I’m an online friend of Angie a.k.a kurorisa and just to try to make the blog a bit more active again, I was offered to help out by posting as well. I’m an avid gamer, mainly JRPGs but I also play other types and online games as well.
I’ll be mainly posting unboxing posts, but I may also do first impressions or reviews of games I’ve played / playing, if I’m bothered or have the time to.
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Unboxing : Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack


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