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First Impression : Puyo Puyo Tetris


Released for 3DS, WiiU, PS3, and PSVITA, here’s Puyo Puyo Tetris! I haven’t touched my PS3 so long and then BAM, I found this demo hanging on JPN PSN, so yeah I was curious how they meshed up these 2 games into one, and I found it out. Continue reading


First Impression : DISORDER 6

Jumping to Jap PSN, I found this game’s demo. Since I’m curious, I decided to download the demo and tried it out. Why not? It’s free anyway lol.

0130000009742DISORDER 6 (D6) is a visual novel/adventure/thriller game by mages/.5pb. To tell the truth I’ve never played any of their VN, like Dunamis 15 etc. I just happened to find this and since I’m curious (I’ve watched the PV, gameplay, and followed the news), I decided to try it out.

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First Impression : Puppeteer

Puppeteer demo is out in PSN since a few days ago and decided to give it a try since I’m interested.  292649

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