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Welcome to Persona 4 Dancing All Night, another Persona 4 series milked game, with your favorite Persona 4 characters showing some dancing moves against shadows. That’s right peeps. They’re dancing for real. Not only fighting against shadow, now our protagonist, Narukami Yu, fight against shadow with the power of super dancing moves.

Seriously speaking, this game is a spinoff of Persona 4 / Persona 4 Golden game. Since Atlus is now under SEGA, they probably got the idea to make a rhythm game because COUGHHATSUNEMIKUCOUGH. Actually I forgot when Index went bankrupt and Atlus ended up with SEGA since this game was planned like 2 years ago before releasing?


Rise who is back to showbiz a few months after the event of P4/P4G, was to perform at Ai Meets Kizuna Festival, shorten as KizunaFes. She was wary now that she’s alone so she decided to summon the rest of Investigation Team members to perform with her! Of course they are a total amateur but Rise convinced her manager and the rest of the bosses so the team is a-OK to perform. We were also introduced to a new character that was mentioned in Rise Social Link in the original game, Mashita Kanami (CV. Kotobuki Minako) and her group, Kanamin Kitchen, with another 4 idols: Nozomi, Tamami, Sumomo, and Tomoe.


Kanamin Kitchen members

Another note, there’s a rumor going that if you see KizunaFes website at midnight, you’ll see a dead idol dancing and you will be taken to another world, never to return. When Yu was practicing with Naoto and Rise, the manager, Inoue, asked Yu if he had seen the rest of Kanamin Kitchen members. Naoto and Rise were curious and decided to check KizunaFes website because of the rumors, thinking those 4 might be missing. Suddenly the video appear and a voice appeared, pulling those three with ribbons thingy, only to appear in front of a stage written “Rise Kujikawa.” They saw shadows tied with the same ribbon but they can’t attack the shadows. The voice played a song that made them lost control of their body and mind, but Rise then dropped her cellphone, played a song and our protagonist DANCE AND GET RID OFF THE SHADOW WITH HIS PERSONA. HOW NIFTY. After that they returned to the real world.

Rise, Naoto, and Yu dragged by the mysterious voice

Rise, Naoto, and Yu dragged by the mysterious voice

The next day the rest of the team appeared. They visited Kanami during her photoshoot and suddenly a dimension hole opened trying to pull Kanami with the ribbons, but the producer, Ochiai, pushed her and got dragged instead. The Investigation Team then decided to jump in to solve the mystery behind the missing idols of Kanamin Kitchen and save them. Meanwhile on the other side, Kanami asked Dojima, Yu’s uncle, to help them. So Dojima started investigating while Kanami and Nanako were to perform together on KizunaFes because the others are missing.

That’s about the gist of it. To be blatant, the story are actually boring? It was repeating the same thing the whole time they’re in the dimension. It’s like walk > the voice appeared and shadows are getting in their way > they dance. And after that they found the idols one by one (they were divided into 2 teams) and basically the idols were told by the voice to become what the fans want. Instead of rejecting your true self like in the P4/P4G game, this time the problem is becoming what the fans want instead what they want. Although the Kanami side was pretty entertaining and I have to say the plot twist that Dojima investigated was pretty surprising. Aside from that it was pretty standard and nothing exciting. There’s also an extra episode, a pre-quel to the main story where Rise asked the Investigation Team to join her dancing and they have to record a video one by one for the event. It was pretty funny.

Pre-quel, with the team still with the looks at the epilogue of P4G

Pre-quel, with the team still with the looks at the epilogue of P4G



There are 2 modes available: Story Mode and Free Dance. Like their respective names, story mode means you play through the story. The storytelling is the same format as Persona 4 Arena, visual novel type. There are branches to show the chapter because the game will show not only Yu but other character’s point of view during game.  On each chapters there are sub-chapters. Unfortunately the game won’t show when a sub-chapter ends. It’s only shown by a saving logo at the top right when the screen is dark. When it’s back to story, it’s usually a new sub-chapter already. I was kinda annoyed by this at first because you can’t save mid-story so I didn’t know when’s the good time to quit until I realize when I quit I’ve already played 5 sub-chapters or so (ಠ_ಠ)

There are some dancing related to the story as well. While in free dancing you can choose any songs you want available there to play. There are 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and All Night (All Night only becomes available after you clear the story mode). The dancer is also chosen fixed from the game so you can’t choose who do you want to use for the song. For example the song “specialist” is for Yu only and you can’t pick anyone beside him to dance. There are 4 partners available you can choose for Fever Bond although the partners won’t be available until you play choose them on auto. For example on the song “Dance!,” Yu’s partner on normal is Nanako. After you play that difficulty even if Nanako doesn’t appear during Fever Bond, she will be available as a partner later on. The auto dance partner changes depending on the difficulty, thus giving you 4 partners available to be chosen. This is also something you can’t change so you can only pick 1 of 4 person available as your dance partner.

Now here’s the rhythm game system. It’s definitely different from what I use to play, mostly Project Diva games. I do play other rhythm games such as Deemo The Last Recital, and got the chance to try Taiko no Tatsujin V demo. On the screen there will be 6 buttons you can press, 3 each on left and right side. On left there are: up, left, and down buttons while on the right there are: triangles, square, and cross buttons. The notes will come from the middle to the buttons and you have to press with the exact timing when it’s on top of the button. Like Project Diva games, there are some notes available.

  • Star: press once
  • U button: 2 buttons will appear connected with this line and you have press both at the same time.
  • H long button: you have to hold the button and release until it ends.
  • Blue Round/Fever line: you can scratch with your analog buttons, right or left doesn’t matter, it’ll just produce different sound. Or you can scratch the touch screen. If you successfully scratch 3 fever lines (shown on the top right on the screen), it will activate a FEVER in game (the bar on the bottom of the screen will show when the fever happens).

While it’s different, I have to say I enjoy the rhythm game a lot. If I were to compare it to games like Project Diva, this is more slow paced although you can change the speed or use an item but the speed when using item is ridiculous lmao. There’s just a lot of buttons to press, literally. When I played the final boss song on ALL NIGHT difficulty, there are like 997 notes and I dropped my jaw when I found out. That much??? I chained 428 combos but that’s still like half of them lol. Here’s the twist. You don’t exactly have a life bar, instead you have a bar on the top of the screen with 5 people icons called the Hype Bar. You can say it’s like they’re the audience. You have to get them all HYPED *basically jumping with green colors* until the end of the game (you can see on my screenshots above and you can compare the hype bar). If the bar is still white until the end of the game, no matter how much you combo, you’ll still fail the song. This is actually what makes it hard because if I can do the game pretty well but accidentally missed 1-2 notes at the end, I eventually fail the song. There are Perfect, Great, Good, and Miss. Perfect and Great is basically you hit the notes on the right spot. Good is you hit the note when it’s not properly on place so it’ll cut the combo. But during fever, a GOOD won’t cut the combo. MISS is when you literally don’t press any button when the note is there.

The scores are rated: NOT CLEAR, CLEAR, BRILLIANT, and KING CRAZY. But because of the system, sometimes my NOT CLEAR score are actually HIGHER than my brilliant score because I chained more combos but I didn’t make it at the end lol. KING CRAZY is where you chained all combos without even missing the scratches. Also you cannot get even 1 GOOD or you’ll be automatically getting BRILLIANT eventhough you full combo it. I mean when you accidentally get good during fever but it’s still chaining? Because it happened to me lol.

You can also use helper items or challenger items bought from the shop. It can help your makes your game harder for those who like challenges. You can also increase or decrease the note speed (no items) according to your preferences.

There’s also Shopping and Collection. Shopping brings you to Tanaka Net which brings back the memories lmao. Even the bgm song is remixed. You can buy helper/challenger items, along with accessories and costumes that you probably have seen in the previous P4/P4G games like swimsuits, Christmas costumes, Neo Featherman costumes, etc. There are also DLCs available in PSN of course. Since Nanako only has like 4 costumes while Kanamin only has 3? Collection is where you can see all the events, pictures of the games, animtions, etc. You can also see all of your high scores and replay them. It’s pretty nice actually since it’s hard for me to take screenshots mid-game. There’s also this medal stuffs but they aren’t that important, at least not qualified to plat the game.

Graphics & Music

We pretty much know Persona series are known for its great soundtracks. So for Persona 4 becoming a rhythm game is actually a great idea. Idk about the dance though lol. Most of the songs from P4/P4G are remixed as well or arranged. The new theme song “Dance!” and the ending song Calystegia are probably the only new songs in the game. There are also songs from Persona 4 the Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (also known as P4 Arena) and Persona Q that are never heard in the original P4/P4G. I really enjoyed some of the remixes, like NOW I KNOW (Yuu Miyake Remix) and Your Affection (NEVER MORE P4D Remix). Overall it’s really enjoyable to feel new vibes in the songs.

Graphics are good. I was thinking this game might be take longer to develop because they have to remodel the characters. It’s really nice to see your fav P4 characters in a good and crisp quality 3d models dancing and swagging. Not only the characters but you can see their persona playing musical instrument at the end as well. With each persona playing their musical instrument version of Reach out to the Truth.


Maid Yukiko and Chie!

The animations quality aren’t the best but it is okay. There are quite of them and it’s nice to have an animation scene once in a while!

Also there are 3 DLC characters: Marie, Adachi, and Hatsune Miku. YES you looked it right. Miku Shigenori Soejima style is available singing Heaven remix. I had to say I was pretty tempted to buy it lol. If you’re curious here’s the Miku I meant. That hair though wwww.


Igor Kuma www

Stroy Mode aside, I really enjoy the rhythm games. I love Persona 4 soundtracks and to have them as a rhythm game is really fun. I always want a rhythm game from other series that usually has good soundtracks *coughblazblueandguiltygearcough* (although BlazBlue has a rhythm game on iOS/Android but I guess that doesn’t really count). If you like Persona and their osts and rhythm game, I really recommend this game. But don’t expect too much from the story as it was pretty boring imo.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Persona 4 Dancing All Night

  1. Kahoko April 27, 2016 at 9:37 pm Reply

    I enjoyed the game despide the story being bad and Nanako becoming an Idol makes me hate her even more wwww
    The first time the game was revealed, it was supposed to have the same gameplay system like the Project Diva games but Atlus decided to change it.

    • kurorisa April 28, 2016 at 4:25 am Reply

      the rhythm game is pretty good and it was pretty easy to plat as well so I’m okay. but yea the story was bad and sounds pretty ridiculous, I only like when Doujima revealed the truth about Kanamin ww

      oh is that so? it’s pretty similar anyway but I actually like the one on the game itself better because we might get bored of Project Diva system.

  2. Arekkutsu April 29, 2016 at 2:56 am Reply

    Ignoring the bad story (true self, shadows, yada yada yada) it was an enjoyable game for me… being the 1st rhythm-esque style game I actually played. Made me wish I was actually into the genre though but it’s just not my style…

    It was cool to see the characters in more detail compared to P4/G. If they were to make another P4 game, I hope they reuse these models.

    Being nitpicky, still sad it wasn’t Bailey’s Rise for this game. But the new chick did fine, just needed a bit more emotion and tone though imo.

    • kurorisa April 29, 2016 at 2:40 pm Reply

      it’s interesting you actually got into it eventhough it’s not your kind of genre. on the contrary I love rhythm games but they kinda gave a new feel unlike project diva games or such so it was pretty interesting. with pretty graphics and musics too. really need games with good ost become a rhythm game lol

      well since there are probably gonna be no more P4 series I guess she ended the role? :/

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