Mass Unboxing: Atelier Escha & Logy Plus Limited Edition, Persona 4 Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack, & Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution Limited Edition


Been a while since I’ve posted an unboxing post! Anyway, Escha & Logy Plus actually came first before the other 2 games which were in the same package. But I feel I should just post them together anyway since it’ll be weird seeing 2 post of unboxing stacked together. P4D and Sora SC Evo just came and while I still haven’t bought a new Vita, an unboxing post should do some justice.

The Limited Edition comes with the game, an artbook, original soundtrack CD with 30 songs in it, and a poster. I’m pretty satisfied with it. At first I thought the dual audio is already available in the game, turns out it’s available via DLC only and since I have asia version PSN acc while the game is a Region 1 game, I thought the DLC won’t work. I was about to sell the game lmao. Turns out my friend who bought the same game, downloaded the jap voice DLC from PSN and installed Region 1 game and it works \o/ The OST CD was unreadable in my laptop first (CDs from American LE never work idk why) but after I installed a CD reader, the CD is readable. The artbook is about A5 size, but the contents are nice.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night Crazy Value Pack comes with the game, DLC code, and original soundtrack of the game, containing 2 CDs. I absolutely love the OST CD. Too bad I won’t be able to use the DLC because of different region PSN (again) but I’m pretty sure I can get free DLC from asian PSN. As long as they have the same format, I hope it’s usable with a region 2 game lol. The packaging is really nice, it’s really shiny xD; Too bad I didn’t get the P5 special blu-ray disc ): I purchased this when it’s about 49% off on amazon JP.

Last but not least, Sora no Kiseki SC Evolution. yea I’m like 2 months late lmao but whatever. Huge box once again, the same size as FC Evo LE. Comes with Sora SC Archive, Falcom Gakuen SC DVD, and the game itself. Like usual, the archive is really nice. It contains character profile, the CGs in the game, and the bonus images from other stores.

Overall yea these games are still in my backlog since I haven’t bought a new vita but I will tackle all of them once I get one. Specially P4D, need some rhythm games in a while.

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