Unboxing : Eiyuu Densetsu Sora no Kiseki FC Evolution

IMG_9839Another day, another unboxing. Anyway the package arrived pretty fast, one week exactly from its shipping time and it sent a notification mail to pick it up pretty quick too. So I managed to get it by the time I got home.

I was first gonna purchase via Amiami because dayum, they were giving Olivier mousepad! I mean hey who doesn’t want it. Well unfortunately : 1. they charged me a lot more for the shipping and 2. they told me to pay via paypal which I couldn’t so I had to cancel them. I mailed them and they said please only purchase items that you want to buy. Well if you didn’t tell me to pay via paypal and just accept the credit card, I would have paid it ಠ_ಠ

The box is really huge I’m not even kidding. I know some people said it being huge but I never thought it’s THIS huge (I’ll give a comparison with Sen 2 LE Box later). It’s amazing that CDJapan didn’t charge me more on the shipping cost because I thought it’s gonna be heavy thanks to the archive/artbook!

In this limited edition there are the game itself, Sora no Kiseki archive Joshua version, and Falcom Gakuen first season DVD. The archive, which is Joshua version, contains the male character sheet and concept (Estelle’s version probably has the females). After that there are also illustrations art that are used in the game itself, special tokutens for other stores, and Falcom Gakuen manga, colored as well! Overall I’m really happy with my purchase, altho I still can’t believe the size of the box lol. It’s actually thanks to the archive because the archive is the biggest item there. Eventhough I just finished FC on Steam like 2 months ago and just started my exams, I’ve finished one of the hardest, longest, most tiring exam assignment already so off I go to play this game on my weekend!



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