Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy small review


Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is an hack-n-slash RPG for the PS Vita that was released on December last year by Arc System Works. I pretty much brought this on a whim during the Golden Week sale that happened this week (April 29th to May 5th) for under $10 US (normally $15 US). What I got though was not that bad of a game for that price.

Fantasy Hero is mission-based. Basically you choose which mission to undertake then try to complete it. The storyline progresses as you beat the main missions. Outside of missions, the game features a hub area that contains the shops and other functions such as item storage, stats and skills allocation, and accessing multiplayer.

The story: Evil race of people called the Decoders. Group of heroes fight them, wielding special powers called Hero Artes. Stuff happens. Someone gets kidnapped because they have some special item that attracts the interest of the Decoders… more stuff happens. I eventually stopped caring. Yeah… for a cheap game, it’s hard to care about stuff like this.

There are 4 characters to choose from, each with their own set of skills and abilities. It’s a small game so they don’t have too deep of a skill tree, don’t expect too much customization.
– Swordsman who can transform, altering his skills.
– Brawler, specializing in close combat.
– Gunner, excels in ranged and aerial combat.
– Robot Arms user, deploy traps and devices to support allies. Can also summon a robot with its own set of skills. (This is what I chose)

For a (I’m assuming) low budget game the graphics aren’t too bad. It’s on par of a PSP game in my opinion. The textures of the fields are pretty average and the effects aren’t too bad as well. The game does slow down when there’s too many enemies / stuff at once so there’s that problem. (I can’t imagine how multiplayer can be played in this game). The 3D character models aren’t too detailed but gives us enough so that we can identify each character and enemy. Just don’t expect to be amazed or blown away by anything.
I can’t say much about the sound and music because I didn’t focus on them too much but I can say that the game features Japanese dub with good English translation. The grammar is the main problem here but it doesn’t affect the dialogue too much. Oh, and the game uses the Japanese control configuration (so X is to go back or cancel whole O is to accept or go forward the menu).


Overall for this price I say it’s worth it. It’s obviously not a game that all RPG fans should be playing but if you got some money on your PSN account to spare and you want a small game to fill in the void while you wait for one of the bigger games this month (for me it’s Hyperdimension Neptunia Action Unleashed) then give this a shot.


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