Review : Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth | Cero B | Namco Bandai Games | PSVITA



Digimon Story : Cyber Sleuth is the first Digimon franchise game for PSVITA and released as a part of Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary project.


The story started in a forum chat with various avatars here and there, including the player. With Japan as the setting, technology has advanced and cyberspace pretty much took over here and there. There’s a rumor about a certain hacking program called Digital World and the avatars were talking about it. Suddenly a mascot called Nabit-kun visited them out of nowhere and threatened them that it will surprise and hack them if they visit EDEN, a cyberspace created by Kamishiro Corporation.  While some are afraid that they will got hacked, 3 people including the player decided to go and see it for themselves. From there we could choose the player, do you want it to be a girl or a boy. The set name for boy is Takumi (CV. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), while the girl is Ami (CV. Ookubo Rumi). I choose the girl and let’s just call her Ami here for the sake of this review.

Ami visited Eden like she promised with her 2 friends from the forum chat. She found out from Nabit-kun that she had to visit Clone : The Junk Paradise for the special event. Known that Clone is place where most hackers stay, she decided to visit anyway! Such bravery. When she arrived, she met a chick named Shiramine Nokia (CV. Han Megumi) and a dude named Sanada Arata (CV. Kishio Daisuke). Apparently Arata was searching for the rumored White Ghost Boy while waiting.

2015-04-04-190208Ami ended up lost and met the so called White Ghost Boy. He explained though that he isn’t a ghost. He decided to give Ami a digimon and chose one out of three digimons available (sounds similar somewhere?). You can pick either Palmon, Terriermon, or Hagurumon. After you chose your digimon, a bad digimon chased yours! Since we know now that the player is too brave or just too daring for her own sake, she stepped up in front of her digimon without knowing anything. White boy helped her by fighting with Mugendoramon (damn mannnn) and won. After that she reunite with Nokia and Arata.

2015-04-04-192919Unlucky for them, a certain monster came out. Apparently it’s the rumored EDEN’s black monster which eats data. Agumon and Gabumon who came to Nokia’s rescue and Ami tried to fight it back but it has no effect. While they were fighting, Arata tried to open up a portal to log out together. The others logged out first and Ami went to but the eater caught her foot with its tentacles! She got error when logging out but managed to do it with a shortfall.

She found herself in the middle of the street with her body looked like squares of massive data! The people around her caused a panic but fortunately a hot chick driving a car came to her rescue! Out of nowhere too. She said Ami’s situation is interesting and decided to help her. Turns out she’s Kuremi Kyouko (CV. Sakamoto Maaya) and is actually a detective managing cases and requests related to cyberspace. She helped Ami and Ami is basically her co-worker as a Cyber Detective, or what she called as Cyber Sleuth. From there Ami tried to get her body back and work as a Cyber Sleuth. She quickly return to her original appearance but her body is actually in a comma state. But that’s another story. I’ll stop here for now on.2015-04-04-193554


As a cyber sleuth, you will receive requests in the agency’s whiteboard. You can only accept one quest on a time (which is actually very annoying if the requests must be done in the same place). After you finish the quest, return to the whiteboard to report and you will receive CSP (Cyber Sleuth Points).

During investigation, sometimes you will have to talk to other people or hackers about certain cases. Usually they will give you a keyword and you need to ask about it. When it unlocks you will get your wanted infos but in most cases it will unlock another keyword and you will have to ask about it again. Usually when you want to unlock the 2nd keyword, it will happen on another person/hacker.

In this game you control your player in real world and in cyberspace. If you visit some places like Clone, 3 of your digimon will follow you from behind. Player can also use various skills such as Firewall Crack, Copy and Paste, etc that are useful in cyberspace. The most useful skill so far is Firewall Crack although this is only used when you want to go to a new floor in Clone. Player can visit various cyberspace as the URL availables will be increased as the story advances. So does the places. Your base is in Nakano Broadway, where the detective agency resides. You can go to various places such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc wherever the story takes you although each place only have limited space to visit.

Because of her body state, player can do a Digital Dive/Connect Jump which basically connects and jump into a network/cyberspace right away unlike other people. There’s also a place called DigiLab, short for Digimon Laboratory. This place is managed by Mikagura Mirei (CV. Sawashiro Miyuki) and the place you can manage your party members. DigiBank is where you can manage digimon for your party members, digimon in DigiFarm, or DigiBank. You can also evolve or de-evolve your digimon in here. You can also do a digimon load, which basically uses a digimon to strengthen another digimon. But the digimon used will be gone from your bank. DigiFarm is a place where you could lvl up your digimon without battle. You can also train or ask them to make an item or receive various requestes from other digimon. The first farm available however, can only contain 10 digimon. You can open up another farm but you’ll be needing a certain item. You can also buy stuffs for DigiFarm, including food etc. But they are not cheap I remind you.

If you’re wondering how to get a digimon, this is very simple. Every time you encounter a digimon, it wil show a certain percentage. This percentage shows percentage encounter and when it reaches 100% or more, you can hatch those digimon from your DigiBank. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from baby. You can hatch a child or even adult digimon right away but you receive percentage encounter when metting them randomly in battle. So I think it’s easier if you just hatch Baby/Child digimon and evolve them yourself.

You can interact with people around you and even your digimon via DigiLine on your menu. They will message you and you can reply them. Sometimes they will give some choices to answer but sometimes there will be only 1 choice available. I found this system really fun because you can interact with your digimon as a friend and talking partner 😀

Battle System


I CANNOT un-relate this game to Pokemon because of its similarity in system. I’ve never played any Digimon game except for the one for Playstation One back then. The first trigger is how the player must choose one out of 3 digimon available for her/his starter. If someone is joining you as a guest, his/her digimon will join you on battle and doesn’t include as 3 limited digimon for battle. The battle system is turn based. Player can use 3 digimon at once in battle although she can carry more as her party members as long as she/he has enough party memory. Basically every digimon is counted as a “memory” in numbers. The overall party members digimon memory digit cannot exceed your party memory. With an item this, however can be increased. The higher the status of digimon, the higher the memory digit. For example a perfect lvl digimon will have a digit a lot bigger than baby lvl digimon.

The bar on the right shows digimon turns in battle. The bar below will show your digimon party status, HP, SP, afflicted status such as poison, stun, etc, and any buffs/debuffs.

The second trigger that makes me feel like pokemon is the effectiveness of damages. Basically when you fight a digimon, and you want to attack it, it will show a circle around it. It could be, red, blue, or white. Red means you have the advantage, Blue means the vice versa, while White means Neutral. All these advantages/non-advantages depends on your digimon type attribute and elements.

As we know digimon have 3 attributes : Vaccine, Data, and Virus. A diagram shown on the 2nd pict explains it all. Vaccine type digimon has the advantages against Virus type digimon. Virus type digimon has the advantages against Data type digimon, while Data has the advantages against Vaccine. The vice versa will be disadvantages. When you have the advantages on the attributes, the damage received by the enemy digimon will be multiplied by 2. Disadvantaged attacks will be multiplied by 0.5.

Not only attributes, elements play a role as well. The diagram is shown on the 3rd pict. Fire attacks will be effective against Grass type, Water will be effective against Fire, and the same goes with Grass against Water. Wind, Earth, and Electric type are also like this while both Light and Dark element are both strong against each others. Neutral elements won’t be affected by this. If you can make an effective attack against your enemy, your attacks will be multiplied by 1.5. Disadvantaged attacks will be multiplied by 0.75. This means your attack can be multiplied by 3.0 if you have the correct digimon against your enemy. But be careful because you’re doomed if you pick the wrong digimon because the damages will be weakened a lot.

Another system introduced is the Xros Combo. As the name said, basically you can create a combo if 2 or more of your digimons have their turns in order. This of course doesn’t happen all the time, it depends on the combo bar next to your digimon. The results of Xros Combo are varies from chain attacks, boosted damage, etc.

Graphics and Music

The graphics are nice, both humans and digimon. With Suzuhito Yasuda as character designers, it gives another plus point coz it got me interested there first. Though the characters have an outline on different color and looks a bit jagged. But overall it’s nice. There’s also some animated cutscenes and pretty much looks like anime. They still do animations like walking from side or from back during chat, which is unusual but in a good way. I, myself, is impressed with the digital/cyber effects in this game. It’s just used in the proper way and makes the game a lot more interesting. The only annoying thing imo is the fonts in the menu. They are pretty hard to read because of the squares a like font and you’ll probably having a hard time at first reading them. This however isn’t a problem once you get used to it.


anime cutscene!

While some songs can be pretty catch and interesting (I love the opening/theme song), some of it can be quite similar so you probably can feel a bit bored. It has this cyber feel in the music but a few of them actually doesn’t and variations like piano sounds, drum beats, and a few of relaxing feel are available. While the cyber like music maybe could bore you coz of its similarity, some of the music are a bit different and enjoyable.


I am about 14 hours in-game and I must say I am enjoying it a lot. While I’m a fan of digimon series, I’m not exactly a digimon gamer so my kind of first experience in this game with PSVITA is actually a nice touch. There are some downsides of course. I only mentioned a few on the music and request system, also the font but there’s also another thing that bothers me. During sidequests or even main quest, the enemy digimon you encounter on the field is actually low leveled. You can say as long as you have a pretty high lvl digimon you’ll be fine. Things got annoying when you’re fighting a boss. You can say there’s quite gap between encountered digimon on field with the main story boss. Say, I receive sidequests from my Digimon Farm and most of them are done in Clone lvl 2. In Clone lvl 2, the digimon you encounter are either still in baby or even child form. But when facing a boss you will fight against a user with perfect lvl digimon. I still can win yes, but it kinda takes time? I also didn’t mention that you can’t rotate the camera in this game or see the full map of an area so you basically have to walk around with a few blind spot when you’re trying to roam around. Another thing that bothers me is the digimon voice. The only digimon voiced properly are Agumon and Gabumon because they are a part of the main story. Most digimon have about 4-5 voices only available so you will hear most of them having the same voice with HA! and TOU! and something like during battle that because they don’t really talk. They may talk but they aren’t voiced except for Agumon and Gabumon.

You’ll also probably get bored until you actually can go to a new place specially when you encounter a strong digimon. The other thing I’m not really fond of is how there’s no LOAD GAME option. Seriously. You can save but you can’t load. In a game where you’re practically gonna go trial and error when evolving them, load button is basically a must. Specially because the evolved digimon will be shown as a silhouette on the options. I found it uncomfortable if I have to restart the game just because I got the digimon I don’t want. Also the fact that the player (both boy and girl) are voiced seems pointless? Like they hired 2 famous seiyuu but then they only talk at the start and end of the battle. He/she doesn’t really talk even in story mode so it kinda saddens me. The player doesn’t talk much as well, they only show his/her gesture when responding to someone as he/she is in a conversation. He/she will only talk when he/she is alone and told us what to do in a situation sometimes. Only some of the main story are voiced actually so you will barely hear anyone speak in this game.

That being said, I’m still enjoying this game. I don’t know how will it go when I finish it though but I recommend this game specially if you’re a digimon fan. I literally try to evolve digimon in the lines from Digimon 1, 2, and Tamers line lol so I have most digimon from the main characters like Greymon, Kyuubimon, Angemon, etc. I am not following Digimon since Savers though so I don’t know if some digimon I encountered are new in the game or available since Savers. tl;dr game is good, a few minus point, but still recommended.

Enjoy some screenshots I took in-game 😀


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