Unboxing : Tales of Zestiria LalaBit Market Edition

IMG_9634This came pretty late, almost a month actually. The fact that it got bad ratings on amazon and I’m kind of spoiled already kinda ruined me to play it (I know some of the bad writings and camera issues in it) but will still play it and if possible, finish it. Actually I kinda regretted buying the LalaBit already but meh.

I ordered this online from a local shop with quite the expensive price coz it’s the only store that opens pre-order for this thing. Also, it’s not a game shop. It’s a shop that usually sells figures and such. Well who know there will be another store that opens pre-order on 15th of January (a week before the game) and turns out to be cheaper lol. And I kinda need to spam the shop admin to make sure this has arrived in their place safely. And I got it. Won’t set up the nendos because I don’t have any place to put them. I’ll try to set them up when I’m back to my rent place because I have my own room.


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