Unboxing : Eiyuu Densetsu Sen no Kiseki II Limited Edition


The long awaited game has finally arrived! Waiting for this is a tortureeeeee. I ordered it from CDJapan this time so I got Fie cover bonus OST with 3 pages of 2015 Calendar which is only from January to March lols. Here’s the story, CDJap did a great job shipping my package a day before the release date but WAIT. The problem started after that, which is in customs. There are no news about it arriving in my country until at least a week later and even after that there’s no sign of it being delivered although the tracking status clearly said “Retention” and “Attempt to deliver” but I heard no doorbell yo.

Not long after that I got a mail from the post office which said that I need to pick up the package in the local post office and pay another $10. WHERE DID THE $10 COME FROMMM. I had no problem like this since the first time I ordered stuffs from HMV and that’s because there’s a lot of stuff. Last year’s Sen LE has a drama cd and a visual book and I had no problem receiving it orz. Anyway I got someone to pick the package and when I got home, tadaaa here it is 😀 Will take my time properly to play this game now~

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