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BlazBlue Chronophantasma, shortened as BBCP is the third installment of BlazBlue series (if we don’t count the extend versions and such). The story continues from Continuum Shift directly revolving inside Ikaruga, which is pretty much ruined after the Ikaruga Civil War. Story aside, we also get some changes for the battle system.


Let’s see. For me the story is told better than Continuum Shift (mind you I only play the Calamity Trigger renewed ver in CS EXTEND). We also have some mysteries from the previous installments solved. In BBCP, instead of story per characters, we get 3 different point of views of story : Chronophantasma which Ragna acts as the protagonist and the main story line, Six Heroes which is a story revolves around the so called Six Heroes, presents and the pasts, and lastly Sector Seven which tells pretty much stuffs around Sector Seven or more like the people who were chasing Kokonoe lol.


I’ll just explain most of the stories shortly (I hope). After seeing her sister acted as the Imperator of NOL, our hero Ragna went to Ikaruga along with Taokaka. He talked to Rachel pretty much how to defeat Imperator or Terumi (I forgot). Rachel mentioned that they need Kusanada Lynchpin although the key to activate it is lost. She also said that they need Noel, so Ragna chased Noel to Ikaruga. On the other hand, Kokonoe who ran away from Sector Seven along with Tager because the elders were releasing Mad Dog Azrael to kill both of them, went to Ikaruga whom moved and worked along with Kagura Mutsuki, the leader of Duodecim family and NOL praetorian armies. The truth is, Kagura was planning a “rebellion” against the Imperator because he knew that things are going wrong with the current state of NOL. He acted behind scenes and asked the other Duodecim family to join him, including the Kisaragi and Yayoi family. Jin Kisaragi who just arrived in Ikaruga were spotted by Hibiki Kohaku, Kagura’s servant. He was told to tail Jin because Kagura wanted to ask him to join the rebellion. Unfortunately, Jin is currently focused on saving Tsubaki, who is under the Mind Eater spell and served the Imperator.


Noel and Makoto came to Kagura’s NOL branch in Ikaruga and basically most people gather there. But knowing Tsubaki just came with Hazama, Noel and Makoto ran away from Kagura’s place because they wanted to save her. Makoto who clashed a fight got saved by Kagura, pretending to be capturing her. He also chased Noel who happened to meet Ragna, and well put him into cell. Kagura told his plans to most people (Ragna, Jin, etc) to save Tsubaki and remove the current Imperator (Saya, more like Izanami in Saya’s body but whatever) because he actually has been keeping the true inheritor of the previous Imperator (Tenjou Amanohokosaka), Homura Amanohokosaka. They will activate the Kusanada Lynchpin and basically seal all seithr activation and save the world! Apparently Celica A Mercury who’s supposed to be dead appear in this timeline because of Kokonoe. Kokonoe copied her soul from the past to a vessel in the current timeline, which she said, a “Chrono Phantasma” a being that should not exist now.

Kagura used Ragna as a bait so Jin, Noel, and Makoto can save Tsubaki while sealing of Azrael for a while. Tsubaki finally broke free from the Mind Eater spell. Their next mission now is to defeat the current Imperator but she moved fast. Ragna who found his determination to fight, had Rachel sent him to the past through the Boundary which explains why Ragna appeared in Dark War era. He met the real Celica and the rest of the Six Heroes stories are told : Celica wanted to find his father, Shuichiro Ayatsuki, who apparently was the one causing Black Beast to appear back then. Her sister, Nine or Konoe A Mercury along with Trinity Glassfille and Juubei (Mitsuyoshi) found the Lynchpin. Celica was supposed to be the key by sacrificing her soul into the Lynchpin and activated it by Nine refused. Ragna then saved them because when he touched the Black Beast, he disappeared (and actually went back to the present) and it went dormant for a year. For that year the Six Heroes defeated the Black Beast.

When Ragna got back, apparently the Imperator moved fast. She destroyed the Takamagahara System and collect souls from vaporized seithr which released by Relius via opening all cauldrons. Relius had Nu -13- merged with Noel as the Successor of the Azure so she can summon the Master Unit, Amaterasu as the Imperator just want to kill it. She summoned Highlander : Take Mikazuchi to destroy stuffs around lol. Bang Shishigami who appeared and brought Rettenjou, which had Tenjou Amanohokosaka’s soul inside it pin it to the Lynchpin, as it was another way to activate the Lynchpin. After all seithr are gone, ars magus of course cease to work but thanks to IDEA Engine given and activated by Kokonoe, Ragna can use the BlazBlue, which is necessary as he defeated Take Mikazuchi. He and Celica went inside and defeat Nu who was the core for summoning Master Unit (she was merged with Take Mikazuchi)  and the world is saved! Or so we thought. Nu who was brought outside suddenly stabbed Ragna out of the Imperator (just call her Izanami coz she passed her Imperator title to Homura) and he… just… went berserked… Jin and Noel (transformed into Mu -12) tried to stop him.

At the end of the story, Ragna went missing, Noel and Jin had some injuries while Celica tried to heal Jin who suffered from heavy wounds. Tsubaki who cannot forgive Ragna tried to cool her head off meanwhile Rachel told her that Ragna doesn’t have much time anymore so if she wanted to kill Ragna, she should do it before he died. If she failed that task, Rachel asked Tsubaki to kill her. Because according to her, they, the “Chrono Phantasma” cease to exist in the present.

Let’s see wow that’s some long story telling. HONESTLY there are more than that, like how Terumi finally died (YES HE DIED OK) and stuffs about Celica who can seal seithr from working but that’s the best I can do to summarize this story. There goes 30 hours of my life playing this game story mode (。ヘ°). There are still some plot holes but at least I understand why there are no time paradoxes as Ragna went to the past and returned etc. I guess at first BlazBlue has so many alien languages and need a specific dictionary (which ArcSys US cut down from the US game (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ) but the story was told better than the previous games imo. Also, I had no idea why at the end of Sector Seven stories and the main CP story was different that it clashed and I was like wtf just happened? I haven’t played all the gag endings but because the story was told non characters, there are only few gag endings. Also, at the last 1/5 of the game I’m sure some characters just disappeared *coughtaokakacough* and some were just brought back out of no reason and it felt forced for me. There are also some characters who felt unnecessary to appear I mean seriously. Let’s see Amane, somehow I felt he only appear to entertain us for fun. But story related, he’s not much related. Although Rachel mentioned how he’s actually “someone” but they don’t mention anything anymore from that.


There are new playable characters such as : Amane, Bullet, Azrael, and Kagura. While Terumi and Kokonoe appeared as DLCs. For non playable we can see Celica and Hibiki, along with Nine from Six Heroes and more. I hate that Terumi and Kokonoe appeared as DLCs because I remembered Mori promised us that there won’t be DLCs and I guess he just broke the promise. Of course there are time we fight against Terumi during story modes but of course we can’t use him. LE and PO customers of course can get Terumi for free. As for Kokonoe, I’m pretty sure she was added because of high demands from the audiences because as a BlazBlue Radio watcher, I just know how people, including her own seiyuu, wanted Kokonoe as a playable character.

System and Modes

Same as before there are arcade mode, score attack mode, and unlimited mars mode. Of course tutorial, challenges, and training mode are also available. Let’s not forget Teach Me Litchi-sensei corner as well! The new thing in this game is Highlander mode which is only available after the true end is cleared. Basically they can do the boss battle against Take Mikazuchi which is a total pain in the ass. I mean when Ragna need to clear the last battle which is necessary to deplete its HP to 0, HE WAS IN UNLIMITED MODE. and I can’t believe there’s a trophy for beating it with all characters that’s screwed up man

Of course one of the best mode in all fighting games, Online mode. Aside from Ranked Match and Player Matches, BBCP introduced us to the new Online Lobby which made us feel like inside Arcade instead XD

First we can select which Lobby do we want to go represented by cities in BlazBlue world in world map. It’s interesting for me to see which country represented as which city in BlazBlue world XD Then we can go to which seat and either wait for someone to come, or sit to any empty seats with someone available as opponent. We can also arrange our icons and avatars so it felt real and it’s cute. The minus thing is probably the gone of team match options.

Fighting System

There are some changes from the previous games and if you already followed BBCP since the arcade mode, I probably don’t need to mention it anymore lol. The most crucial change is the break burst and overdrive mode.


In the previous series, there are 2 bursts icon available and they won’t regenerate. In BBCP, there’s one icon available which can be used for both overdrive and break burst. If the icon is used when you are attacked, it will be used as break bursts. But if you use it without any attack or during combos, it will be counted as overdrive instead. Overdrive basically enhances the character’s drive or abilities, not to mention adding additional attacks to some distortion drives. The less HP the chara has, the longer the overdrive gauge will be. And when overdrive is used, the clock will be frozen.

Another change in this game is Crush Trigger. Basically this can be used when the opponent is guarding and if Crush Trigger is used, the opponent’s guard will be crushed. Of course this also can be connected with combos, making huge damages. Of course this is without barrier. If the opponent is guarding with barrier, the barrier gauge will depletes a lot instead of crushing the opponent’s guard.

Graphics and Music

I’m pretty sure the animation in this game differs from the previous ones and it’s actually the same as the anime. IDK if I’m the only one who felt that way XD I’m happy that this game actually has more cut in animations than the previous ones. Let’s not forget the CG picts included in the story and arcade mode, high quality as always. The character’s image in the selection changed as well because Mori leveled up 100000x so the quality is really high! And I prefer this kind of characters image instead of CT or CS versions.

Music is awesome as always kudos to Ishiwatari Daisuke. Each character’s theme song are remixed and I liked it all. There are also some new theme songs not only for the new characters, but for some groups for example Six Heroes theme and Sector Seven theme. Also Ragna vs Hakumen or Izayoi vs Hakumen are also available. Black Onslaught II sounds really awesome during the final battle against Take Mikazuchi. I cannot complain more about the music, it’s already awesome.

The battle backgrounds are also changed. Most likely because they moved places from Kagutsuchi to Ikaruga. Some places are still available of course, like Rachel’s castle. I really like the new fighting backgrounds it’s always amazing to see. The Colosseum is noisy though XDDD


Story is complicated as always but it’s a lot better and we can see more plot in this one. I like how the characters are working together and such. I won’t complain because I think I like the fighting system better. Ok maybe because I was following BBCP first via youtube and played BBCS EX after that so I was kinda bothered. So after I moved to BBCP I was a lot happier. Cutscenes, graphics, and music are definitely great so I won’t complain either. Overall another addition collection to all BlazBlue fans out there and those who just started the game maybe confused by the stories. But they’re actually smart enough to add Litchi-sensei corner to explain the previous stories. Oh and since I’m playing the PS3, I’m not playing the beach scenarios, which actually got me pretty annoyed lol. In the end I enjoyed the game, and TIL THE NEXT GAME!

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