Unboxing : BlazBlue Chronophantasma NA Limited Edition

I said NA coz normally I buy japanese games (don’t start calling me a weaboo ._.)


and you won’t even think this is actually a package of a fighting game lawl

I finally got the game! After waiting first when the jap version came out, and then the NA ver came out and I have to search everywhere to get this ): kudos to my friend who helped me to get one!

Anyway it’s kinda hard for me to purchase this because apparently the local stores are mostly jerks and they don’t stock this thing orz I’ve been viewing some local stores from the internet and I actually asked them. But I guess they just don’t stock it. So I decided to try asking my friend who was studying in US, if he can purchase it and he said he can! He bought it online via amazon (gamestop stock are sold out already) and fortunately her mom was visiting him 😀 so when his mom came back here, she brought the game along so I could take it. so kudos to him I actually can purchase this CHEAPER. Yes by cheaper I mean, free shipping inside US, and apparently when I checked one of the local store, IT’S SOLD OUT ALREADY (prolly they only had 1 stock or something) and it’s more expensive say, $30? so yeah.

Not to mention I had midterms for the last 2 week and since I was in another town during uni, the package came and I couldn’t go home because of midterms + assignments AND THE DAY OF FREEDOM HATH COME (today I mean lol) and did the unboxing! Of course I already tried the game, only tutorial and challenges though.

Overall I’m really happy with the purchase. The price is worth it, and I couldn’t be happier with the contents. The visual book isn’t really big but it’s filled with pretty arts! Too bad the music only contains the new character’s osts but I’m still satisfied XD As for the Rachel puchi nendo, I’m kinda terrified to put it together coz it might break and I suck at putting dem figurines so yeah… Not to mention the box also gives us moves list which I’m really happy so I don’t need to check commands list in the game screen during fighting XD

Welp time for me to have some quality time with this game lol


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