Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster Impressions


Ahh Final Fantasy. It’s a love-hate it series. A lot of people still enjoy the games coz of the awesome graphics, gameplay and storylines… others may hate it because of those exact reasons. While I don’t call myself a fan, I do like playing some of the games, such as this one. This is pretty much a short review / first impression.

Final Fantasy X

The overall look of the game is indeed an improvement from the original PS2 game. The environment and atmosphere looks more detailed, the characters model are better-looking and looks more smooth. Heck, even those spell and summoning effects in battles look great. The CGI scenes incorporated throughout the game still looks amazing per usual of a modern Square Enix game. I do enjoy most of the re-arranged music specifically made for the HD remaster but some I wished they didn’t change at all, or just changed a little bit (Prefer the original battle theme compared to this game’s version, but still enjoyable to listen to.)
And there’s of course the extra content that wasn’t present in the original NA and EU versions of the game. However I’ve yet to explore so i can’t say much about it. Everything else remains the same (the gameplay, voice acting, story, etc.) I do want to point out though, that they got a new different voice for the narration bits.

Final Fantasy X-2
For me, the game looks the same compared to the original, just re-scaled to suit widescreens (And the Vita). I guess you can say it looks brighter and a bit smoother? I don’t know, that’s all I can say new. I believe the music is not re-arranged like X; it’s the same soundtrack like the original X-2.
And like X, there’s the extra content that wasn’t present in the original NA and EU versions. Everything else remains the same. This game received the short end of the straw, not having much improved on.

It’s worth the price, even if you’re not a big fan like me. The PS3 version, depending on where you buy it from, should be cheaper than the Vita version so if you need / want a new PS3 game, buy it. It’ll make you spent lots of hours but it’s worth. Otherwise, if you got a Vita and likes to play while outside home, get the Vita version.


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