Unboxing: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition


Hi peoplez. My name is Alex Tran and I’m from Australia. I’m an online friend of Angie a.k.a kurorisa and just to try to make the blog a bit more active again, I was offered to help out by posting as well. I’m an avid gamer, mainly JRPGs but I also play other types and online games as well.
I’ll be mainly posting unboxing posts, but I may also do first impressions or reviews of games I’ve played / playing, if I’m bothered or have the time to.
With the lousy introduction out of the way, let me tell you a story.

When the CE was first announced, I didn’t have enough money to go ahead and preorder, so I had to wait till late January. Unfortunately when the time came, most of the common and popular websites from America and Europe ran out of stock. There was a few scattered websites from Europe but the prices converted to my local currency was way too much.

Come February 8th I searched randomly on Google and found a New Zealand website that had stock! So naturally I pre-ordered. However on the 24th I was given an email from the admins saying their overseas provider were denied of the stock from Namco Bandai.email

That sucked. And this was during class at university so I cursed out loud, as a panic reaction. After class, I got on my phone and searched like a madman for another website. Luckily, I found an Australian website that had a big price on the CE, but I was willing to pay that much.
Tragedy struck again when I received an email on the 11th of March, saying they got a “pricing error” and just decided to cancel the whole order altogether. To this day I have no idea what it means and I never will. Again, I went into panic mode once more, furiously searching on google…
And BAM! Found a Hong-Kong website that actually still had stock!! Plus it was at a fair price, less than the price I found on the Australian website.

2 weeks later, here it is. Unboxed and ready to play… but it pretty much took me a whole month
to actually, physically get it. What can I say, I really wanted the CE!!!!
If I wasn’t such a big fan of the Tales series, I would’nt had cared if I didn’t get the CE or not… but that’s not the case and made me do all this searching in hopes of buying it. And it worked out!!
Conclusion: I’m so happy.

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Anyways, to anyone out there I hope you don’t mind seeing more posts from me. I, along with kurorisa, will both be trying to make the blog a bit more active by posting stuff like this.
Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!


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